One Thousand Gifts

*Eucharisteo* — Grace, Gratitude, Joy  

He pours out His grace, sometimes in ways that may not seem as such.  We stay awake, eyes wide open, watching for Him.  We thank Him for the gifts, grace all around.  Joy follows and fills us.

Ann Voskamp writes it more beautifully and explains it more deeply.  I read her book about loss and thankfulness and I am forever changed. 

My own list follows.  It keeps me awake.  I don’t want to miss a thing! 

  1. Grace that taught my heart to fear
  2. Grace, my fears relieved
  3. The gift of marrying my very best friend
  4. Until death do us part…never a doubt
  5. Voices, loud through the hallway
  6. Lemon slice, like sunshine in my glass
  7. Big pink flower perched on my middle girl’s head
  8. Reading glasses, inviting me from atop a book
  9. Quiet moment w/snuggly little girl
  10. Verse…Robert Louis Stevenson
  11. Waking to daisies, bedside
  12. Hazel (25 year old dryer) is still running, noisy as she is
  13. Electric pencil sharpener…professional strength
  14. Babes, all tucked in
  15. Bare backed little boy hunched over cereal bowl.
  16. Family memories, coming through photos
  17. Sweet girl joining us on our trip
  18. Little boy wanting so many hugs
  19. Teen girl who kisses, “Goodnight, Mommy”
  20. Ann Vaskamp
  21. Fruit, frozen and blended smooth
  22. Strong arms wrapped around
  23. “I got a dollar, hey, hey, hey, hey” ;0)
  24. Travel for basketball; a passion
  25. Conviction on a little heart
  26. Light snoring, breathing all around the dark hotel room
  27. Comfortable beds while away
  28. Winning
  29. Losing
  30. Celebration
  31. Tears of disappointment
  32. Family; so much family
  33. Friends; close friends
  34. My Mama’s brother
  35. All seven of us under one gym roof
  36. Ice skating and cheesecake; all together
  37. The college boy’s company
  38. Teammates and families
  39. A little boys protection; no brain damage
  40. Friend of 36 years and her family
  41. My best friend
  42. Coffee with my cream and sugar
  43. Safe travel
  44. Home sweet home
  45. washer and dryer (Hazel) working hard
  46. Quiet House (except for Hazel)
  47. Text from college boy
  48. Mother-in-Love
  49. Puppies, safe and sound
  50. A friend’s wisdom
  51. A friend’s contagious laughter
  52. Breakfast for dinner
  53. Eight year old’s wacky toothy grin
  54. Teen girl’s renewed self imaage
  55. Kitchen help
  56. Matched socks
  57. Middle girl cooking for littles
  58. Siblings saying “thank you” to each other
  59. The sound of water filling the washing machine in a clean house
  60. Little girl, eight years old, still fits in my lap and wants to be there
  61. Quiet moment to pray
  62. Oatmeal w/brown sugar
  63. Ellie’s voice
  64. Tessie’s stories
  65. another day
  66. March madnes
  67. Bright eyed boy
  68. Children/teens helping without complaining
  69. Girls getting ready in MY bathroom…they won’t live here forever.
  70. Coffee brewing
  71. Fresh sheets on my bed
  72. Windows all around
  73. Talking; enjoying oldest daughter
  74. Oldest girl and youngest girl watching “Love Comes Softly” together
  75. Photos emailed to me from  while she is out shopping; she wants my opinion
  76. Daughters valuing my opinion
  77. Little’s company while going through photos
  78. Family all together, laughing
  79. Little drawings from little girl
  80. Rugs underfoot
  81. Girls late night run to store w/Daddy
  82. This house
  83. Lamplight
  84. Healing bodies
  85. No emergency room visit for little girl’s head bump
  86. Husband’s patience
  87. College Boys Homecoming
  88. A morning alone
  89. Husband going by the store for me; gladly
  90. College boy playing w/his dog
  91. Littles w/legos
  92. Aroma of coffee
  93. My sweet songbird; song throughout the house
  94. Husband and littles working together; a clean garage
  95. My girls are home
  96.  A clean porch
  97. Able arms
  98. Family lunch with college boy and Grampa
  99. Dinner all cleaned up
  100. Comnin in to “flowers” in an egg cup carefully placed on bed table by little girl
  101. Apricot blossoms in tiny vase
  102. Long snuggles w/ten year old boy
  103. Rolled Oats;  jar full
  104. Lotion, relief for dry hands
  105. Pride slowly breaking
  106. Oldest and Littles: Kids all piled up
  107. Sweet 16
  108. Nuerologists; hospitals for children
  109. No “job”; staying home
  110. Family all around the table
  111. Warm chocoate chip cookies
  112. Oldest girl baking
  113. Breaths of cool air
  114. Quiet…well sorta quiet
  115. lip stuff
  116. Middle girls booty dance; cracking up
  117. Duece Duece’s (a.k.a. Sam) disposition
  118. Sam’s sense of humor
  119. Little girl’s tender heart
  120. Last few minutes w/college boy
  121. Funds for Nationals
  122. Bare wood floors
  123. Cheeping; birds out window
  124. Dirty dishes stacked by the sink; evidence of a good meal and kids around
  125. Grandma’s old squeaking beds in girl’s room; reminding me that my girls will sleep here only awhile longer
  126. Ripening bananas…smoothie time
  127. Ellie’s funny words
  128. Waking before the sun
  129. Time with Jesus 
  130. New phases
  131. Warm lamplight glowing
  132. Comfort of lip balm
  133. Music
  134. Quiet heart
  135. Sound of the dishwasher; working hard
  136. Travel; all in the car
  137. Honking at cows
  138. Onions, sweet and grilled
  139. House all clean
  140. The way the oldest girl loves her sister, her best friend
  141. Oldest girl’s melody all through the house
  142. Pups barking at the dumpster truck; daily ritual
  143. Littles, fresh out of bed
  144. Little girl’s giggle
  145. Joining little girl in giggles
  146. One Thousand Gifts
  147. A sweet young friend’s infectuous laugh
  148. Silly girls still under our roof
  149. Father/son communication
  150. Over the counter meds
  151. Morning snuggles w/little girl
  152. Little girl’s funny questions and smart answers
  153. Opportunities to get creative, industrious and hard working
  154. My best girlfriend
  155. Coffee brewing
  156. Wii
  157. Youngest carving initials in tree
  158. Little girl’s scripture memory
  159. Sleeping angels, precious littles
  160. Communication w/my girls
  161. Being driven to HIM
  162. Forgiveness of sin, cast far
  163. Middle of the night, time w/Jesus
  164. Young people on fire for Jesus; in love w/Him
  165. Infectuaousness of a young person’s love for Jesus
  166. Down lap throw and slippers
  167. Protected heart of my teen girl
  168. Peace
  169. A new friend; true
  170. Gym time w/oldest girl
  171. Health and strength
  172. Sound mind
  173. That my perception is not necessarily reality
  174. Oldest son asking first
  175. Work ethic of oldet girl
  176. A beautiful day
  177. Raw oats in jar; elemental and simple
  178. Home
  179. Steam rising from my mug
  180. Good ol’ Bessie (really old van)
  181. My Seaside sweatshirt
  182. An older woman’s wisdom
  183. Highlights for my hair
  184. Technology, keeping me connected w/my kids
  185. Burt’s Bees
  186. A clear blue sky
  187. The company of my beloved
  188. “Friends, food, translators” (oldest girl)
  189. “Showers, Sisters, British accents” (oldest girl)
  190. “Nice car, good teammates, supportive family” (from college boy)
  191. “Water, my dog, My house” (middle girl)
  192. “Colored pens, guitar, body spray” (middle girl)
  193. “Showers, Clean car, Pandora” (college boy)
  194. Sunlight pouring through windows
  195. Coffee, fresh and waiting in pot
  196. “A healthy body; sausage, egg and cheese McGriddle, a cool morning” (college boy)
  197. “Daughter working w/me” (husband)
  198. Text messaging immediate family to share our “gifts”
  199. Little girl having time in the Word next to me
  200. Exercise, Tandem ride w/little girl
  201. Cracking up w/my girls
  202. Girls laughing at themselves
  203. Dimples on her little face
  204. The sounds of piano, laughter, voices and the dryer colliding in air
  205. Neuorologists and family support for a little boy
  206. College boy; selfless and available
  207. Cabinet doors/fridge opening and closing; commotion of kids at breakfast
  208. Kids perched, hair messy, oatmeal bowls in hand
  209. Middle girl getting well; Momma not sick
  210. Little girl’s night time rest
  211. Family laughing with oldest girl’s new friend…through text; hilarious


  1. Joining Ellie’s giggle




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