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Beans and Cornbread

Some would not consider this a meal.  I do not understand those people, but I will love them anyway. 

I have made beans as long as I can remember.  Sometimes they have been really good.  Other times, nothin’ special.  What is the secret to delicious beans?  In search of the answer, I became interested in beaneology (I thought I made that word up, but I Googled it for fun and I’ll be dern…)

The problem, I learned, is that I’m always playin’ around with ’em, beans that is.  I try this spice and that.  I am so happy to say I have learned that THAT was the problem.  Keeping it simple is the answer and if you find a good thing, don’t mess with it!

Pioneer Woman helped me understand beans.  Less is more; simple is better.   My last several pots of beans have been PW’s and they are SO good.  The Captain requests them and the kids eat ’em up!   

Thursday’s Menu: 

PW’s Beans and Cornbread (recipe here

Banana Sheet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing (recipe soon-ish).


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