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Betty Lou

Betty Lou

I rode my bike with no hands this evening.   It made me feel like a school girl…or at least it made me think of the summer after fourth grade, spent riding my yellow Huffy with the white banana seat.  It had daisies and “Summer Blonde”  painted across the chain guard.  I just knew everyone was watching me when I rode that bike down the middle of the street with no hands.   How could they help it?  I mean, no hands!  And my bike was “blonde”!  Today, my ride is Betty Lou, a pink Schwinn Cruiser that I found sitting in my living room on Mother’s Day.  A cruiser is perfect for me, because that’s what I do…cruise.  Workout clothing is not permitted on my cruises, which are not intended for exercise, and I opt not to sweat if at all possible.  Cruising the neighborhood…that’s what I like to do.   Indeed, I think I’m going to enjoy this summer with Betty Lou.


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