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Sweet Sixteen!

We have a tradition (at our house, if you do something once and intend to do it again, it’s considered tradition)  of blessing our children on their 16th birthday.   

 Four years ago our son got to be first.  Poor guy, he’s always the guinea pig.  For his “Blessing”, we had a guest list that might be for his wedding.   His was a full fledged ceremony with guest speaker and all!   If not for the promise that food and basketball would follow the ceremony, our 16 year old son may have hopped a train to Memphis.   The gym and food saved the day.  The 8 foot banquet table was the hot spot with deli tray, rolls and sauces, fruit trays, veggies and dip, chips, desserts, bowls of Skittles and little candy bars, and assorted canned and bottled drinks.   A bit fussy, in hind sight, for a 16 year old boy, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat because… well, because I liked it and it got eaten.  But mostly because my Mother-in-love told me that I did a good job with the menu, a nice variety with something for everyone from 5-85.  And this woman knows, I tell you, she just does!

Four years later… it’s time again…

Sweet Sixteen!

Our little Morning Glory turns 16!   She is number two in the line up of five “little angels”.

Being older and wiser now, I tried to convince her that another mother/daughter trip might be fun…we did this on her 13th to discuss “facts of life”.   Only this time we could include her best friend, who also happens to be her sister.  This did cause pause for thought, but not for long.  She wanted a party!  (I’m not convinced that she wasn’t afraid of what she might learn this time if she were to take another “girl” trip…she was completely stunned the last time.)  So, I became the “event planner”, enlisted the daughter’s  help and started planning a Sweet Sixteen!  She had apparently taken notes, if not mentally, at her brother’s Blessing.  She did NOT want all the formalities, just the fun…go figure. 


She decided on a Nifty Fifties Blast From the Past…

at the Roller Rink

with CUPCAKES!  Thanks, Bakerella, for the idea!

Dad presented his girl with her purity ring from James Avery. 

This messed up my mascara.   

“From Baby Dolls to Basketballs”…the poem that  our friend, Brody, wrote and read for our girl at her Sweet Sixteen Blessing.

This was her favorite part of her evening…she’s a sap!

The evening wasn’t without it’s share of laughs and good times!

Surrounded by beaus…you better believe this girl’s Daddy was nigh!

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days…

claire's bday blessing 683

Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days…

It was a happy day, after all. 

Skating, pizza, cupcakes, a poem…what a blessing! 

And what better way to end a Nifty Fifties party…

than at the Drive In Movie Theatre!

Part of the fun of the Drive In is to arrive early, watch the sun set and visit with friends.  We usually take a picnic (or take-out), lawn chairs or blankets to sit on, and always a jacket.   West Texas evenings can get really cool when the sun goes down.  Then we tune in our radios and enjoy a double feature.


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