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Furniture’s Calling

I am giving myself thirty minutes, tops, to complete this ridiculous post.  Ready.  Set.  Go.

This morning I woke aware of, and overwhelmed by, all the *projects* I live amongst.  They all seemed to be in my face screaming, “Pick me, pick me!”  I took a deep breath, refocused on my day and then took a break later in the morning.  I love  The Inspired Room because, well, it’s inspiring.  So, when I opened my email to find a new post by Melissa, I poured a fresh cup of coffee and settled in. 

What I found was this post about your “furniture talking to you”, which prompted me to write the following comment on Melissa’s amazing blog:

  “No. My furniture does not talk to me…it YELLS at me and ALL AT ONCE!
Just this morning my could-be-amazing office chair and the little shoe shine bench next to my potty were both begging for attention, while I was trying to settle the argument between the deacon’s bench in the entry hall and the salvaged rattan & wicker chairs in the family room…”

However, the little yellow chair was such a bright spot in my day that I decided to take some pictures of my own begging projects and see if I could muster some motivation to follow the inspiration.

Let’s begin in the Entry:

I am a Texas Tech Red Raider, but my home is in no way, form, or fashion red and black.  Lord help me help this room.  The pew is one of my favorite things.  I must do something.

Now on to the Family Room:

    These chairs are really cool.  They are from Pottery Barn and I got them for $5 each at a garage sale, which makes  them awesome!  Not sure what to do with them.  They are more comfy with a back cushion so, for now, I have extra sofa pillows on them.  The pillows appear that they just might work, but with a closer look, it’s obvious that they don’t work at all.   In a nutshell, it looks like I really missed, but don’t know it.

I inherited this coffee table when I married.  The Captain and all of our children learned to walk by pulling up and scooting around this little drop-leaf cutie.  It was painted gold, probably in the 70’s, and has been such ever since.  It needs me. 

My office chair has potential, but I’ve got to figure out what to do with the desk and library table first.  I got the desk and table several years ago for $25 and $10, respectively, at a school auction.  This project may never get done, but it really needs to.     

This is a peg board that The Captain made for me and I include it because it’s one of few things that is done… 

Well, sorta.  The screws still show and I haven’t finished “styling” and such.  But at least it is up and painted and is more *done* than a lot of other things.  Note the chest, for example, also from The Captain’s childhood.  It has so much potential, but I haven’t a clue what to do with it.  Paint it?  Color? The wall is a very light grey/green/blue-ish color with a darker shade of the same color on the accent wall around the fireplace next to it.  Should the chest be white?  Stained?  I’m just not sure.

The Master Bedroom/Office/Sunroom/Lord-What-Do-I-Do-With-This-Place Room has been a work in progress and I’m slowly getting it figured out.  This *Master Living Area*, as we’ve come to call it, almost made me not want the house.  Everyone who sees it thinks it’s “awesome”, but try arranging it and then tell me that.  It is looonng and narrow and huge and L-shaped.  Including a large, long bathroom and three closets, it is nearly 800 sq. ft!  I’ve stood in this room for hours on end, thinking, “…over here we could have a sitting area…and then over here, let’s see, we could have another sitting area…and here, hmm, here, by the windows, hmm, I guess we could have a little sitting area.”   Sheesh.  We don’t even SIT that much.  Maybe a bunch of sitting areas would encourage us to sit more?  I think not.

Still a very unfinished work in progress and using only what we already had (except the dark, medium-height shelves, which came from Target), here is what I have come up with so far.

Since I can’t replace the really nasty wall to wall carpeting, I will just pretend it is a wood floor until I can cover it with some seagrass rugs or something.  And then I will pretend it is a wood floor covered with seagrass rugs until I can get the wood floor, which may well be when I die and someone else lives here.  

I do, however, love the little love seat now that I thought to use my antique linen tablecloth to cover the slip cover.  I had the tablecloth stashed away forever, thinking I would use it on a bed or something, but had forgotten all about it.  I was reminded that I had it when I saw this post on the Dreamy Whites blog.  The slipcover is a Target cheapy and doesn’t fit well at all.  I did have a throw over the back, but this is so much better.        

I’m seven minutes over my thirty minute limit, so I better get back to life.  Maybe I’ll actually get one of these little projects done before I move into the nursing home. 

Oh, and I’ll leave ya with this little guy…the shoe shine bench that was never intended to look like this for this long.  And the TP holder, oh my.

If any member of my family had seen me photographing this…well, I’m just glad that didn’t happen.  That’s all.



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Spring…time to git ‘er done!

Photo by Bob Hiemstra for Real Simple

This is the day that the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it…and get some spring cleaning and organizing accompolished all the while! 

I’ve been spending way more time than I should, lately, perusing some of my favorite nesting and organizing blogs, chasing after inspiration.  Inspiration and MOTIVATION.  I think I’m procrastinating again.  I freeze up sometimes.  I don’t know if it’s the dread of getting started or the fear of failure. 

Either way, it’s time for me to stop being “inspired” by everyone else’s ideas and progress and get my own self in gear! 

So here I go.  To keep myself accountable and maybe make my job a little more fun, I’ll post progress here…as time and energy and motivation permit (that’s my disclaimer in the event that I don’t “post”).    

I’ll have to be selective, as there are so, so many projects to choose from.  I’ll ask myself the following questions in dertermining which tasks to tackle first:  1) Will it simplify my day to day life?  2) Can I do it with little or no cost?  3) Will it make my home more functional?  4) Will it simply make me happy?

Here are a few areas in my home that need attention…

Above is a “pantry” shelf that is actually in the utility room and faces the doorway to the kitchen/dining/family room.  It can be a catch all because it’s purpose sort of evolves with the ebb and flow of life.  It needs to have a more defined purpose while keeping it’s flexibility. 

My closet…yikes!  This is several projects in one.  Baby steps!

The pile on this top shelf is some spring clothes that belong to my Little Miss.  They were at one time culled neatly in a box, which can no longer be seen since she decided to get a chair and go through it one warmish day this past winter.  Warm weather is here to stay and it’s time again to make the switch from sweaters and jeans to capris, shorts and T’s.

( I’ve been keeping the Little Miss’s clothes in my closet for a few years.  It started when she became a quick change artist at the age of two!  I moved all of her things to my closet and they have been here ever since.  It works for me.  I also keep her dirty clothes basket in here, so I have a better handle on what she has to wear and I can easily grab a small load of her laundry to throw in with mine.)

Also in my closet is this bag of stuff I quickly collected off of my desk below, in order to have a more decluttered work space.  “I’ll toss it in here, for now, and deal with it later.”  That’s been…umm…I’m not sure how long ago.  Most of it probably needs to be tossed, but I know of a couple of things I need to keep.  

This could be worse…but it could also be WAY better.  The top of that filing cabinet, that filing cabinet period, could really use some major attention! 

Books and laundry!  This is in our bedroom…next to that desk up there.  At 560 square feet, we refer to our bedroom as the “master living area”.  There are five steps to laundry; sort, wash, dry, FOLD and PUT AWAY…struggling with steps four and five.  Just do it!

Bathroom drawers… Question #1- “Will it simplify daily life?”  YES

And this…

Hair stuff!  I get just a little bit mad every time I open this drawer, which is everyday!  

Then there is the hallway…

Who wouldn’t love to have this much storage?  The problem is that it’s funky fifties type cabinets, deep and tall, lots of wasted space if not creatively used.  I’ve got to make better use of this space.  As it stands, however, the kids have made a “hide out” of that top shelf!  They have hung “art work” and the whole enchilada.    

  And just look at this hall movie closet/candle and seasonal stuff storage closet…

I’m beginning to get that “I think I’ll go to a movie or take a nap, now” feeling. 

There is my baking center and the rest of the kitchen.  And the utility room

I can’t even mention the garage!

I’m off to git ‘er done…not the garage, of course, but something, anything!

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‘Tis the season…to Just Do It!

Wreath for blog

Photo by Jean Allsopp for Southern Living

‘Tis the season to wonder how on earth it ” ’tis the season” again already!   I realize  that saying “it ’tis” is a redundant use of words, but I think it sounds better that way.  Anyway it really is the season to get ready for the season so that we can “cruise through the holidays”, to quote Flylady. 

I have been following two “get ready lists”;  Simple Mom’s Twelve Weeks Until Christmas countdown and FlyLady’s Cruising Through the Holidays.  I particularly like FlyLady’s section called Kelly’s Holiday Cruising Missions.  These are simple daily “baby steps” to do each day until December 1st.  The idea is to pretend that you are leaving for a cruise on that day and that you HAVE to have everything ready in order to leave.  The “cruise”, in reality, is simply your holiday season.  Basically, all the baby steps leading up to it,  just help you get as much as possible done before the actual holidays are upon us.  You can just jump in there and pick up on whatever day you start. 

Every year, it seems we don’t have much time to truly enjoy the season.  We are shopping and decorating and cooking and running around, all while trying to keep up with the wild craziness of basketball season.  Is it even possible to make it different this year?  (Especially, considering that I say, every year, “we are NOT going to do this again next year!”)  Maybe, just maybe, if I will take these baby steps and not shut down if I miss one or three, then things will be different this year.   

This holiday season, I am going to be ready, ahead of least more ready than usual…so that we can enjoy the wonder of Christmastime!  It’s a lofty goal, but it is a goal!   You’ve got to have a goal!

In the words of Amelia Earhart, written on my message board, “The best way to do it, is to do it.”!   Hmm~Just do it.   I wonder if Mr. Nike was a fan of Amelia?

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