You Will Find Here…

a reforming procrastinater

recovering from perfectionism,

living by grace.

Life is beautiful.

Life has purpose.

I hope to always recognize it.  I want to remind myself to see it.  Everyday.

 And I want to give God all the glory.  It belongs to Him!

I hope to do that here.

You may find a southern girl’s take on all manner of things…

cooking and organizing (or lack thereof),

faith and family,

homeschooling and reading,

photography, crafts (if I ever get around to it) and decorating

health and fitness (or lack thereof),

nature and beauty,

Lord only knows what will turn up here.

I just hope something turns up.  And when it does, I hope it

Glorifies our great and awesome God…

and if it happens to inspire, motivate or otherwise encourage you,

I will be humbled.


The Fam.

                                                               My very favorite spot on earth…apart from home. 

This kitchen’s stainless steel appliances and dark surfaces are expertly balanced by the pale blue cabinetry and sea-inspired backsplash. The iridescent tiles in various cerulean shades catch the light beautifully and led to a similar scheme for the rest of the house.
I love this color!  I think I like the tile backsplash, too.  But I love this color.  It makes me think of the sea and relaxes me.  Pictures like this inspire me.  I love to look at lovely home photos!  It makes me want to create beauty all around for my family.
This is not my kitchen…darn it.    (Photo by J. Savage Gibson for Coastal Living)   



















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