Claire Bear

I ordered boys.  Six of them.  The first one arrived without surprise.  A few years later I was in delivery, ready to meet his little brother.  His name was Samuel…….until the bottom half of “him” arrived!!!  What?!!  But…!!!  Wait…!!!  Well, we changed Sam’s name to Claire Elizabeth and I began recovering from the biggest shock of my young life.  I had a girl!

On Claire’s first night in this world, I slept very little.  My eyes were fixed outside the window, the night sky alight with diamonds, brilliant and shining.   It was nighttime, but it was not dark.  I lay there, my mind as far away as the bright crescent that illuminated the night.  “I have a girl.  I have a girl.  I have a girl.”  I repeated it over and over, out loud, in hopes of comprehending the fact.  I had “ordered” boys and I was stunned, though filled with excitement.  I had a girl.  A daughter.  Her name was Claire.   

Claire:  bright light, illustrious, luminous, brilliant.  The spiritual connotation of Claire:  shining Christ’s light.

My baby girl had the fairest skin; her tiny head was covered with soft, loose, light strawberry curls; her eyes bright blue.  Everything about her exuded her name’s meaning.   That didn’t even occur to me as I lay there that early June night, mesmerized by the brightness, thanking Jesus for the gift. 

{It’s not in my comfort zone to brag and carry on about my kids.  I’m far more likely to give the “little angels” (*said with sarcasm*) a hard time, knowing full well they know exactly how I feel about them.  Claire is no different from my other offspring in that she has her fair share of shortcomings.  She is a lot like her Momma and there is plenty of room for “tweaking”.  However, in honor of her turning eighteen, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and I’m going to crow over her a bit.}    

In celebration of your eighteenth birthday, Claire Bear, here are some of the many ways you ILLUMINATE my world:

Claire is a songbird!  She loves music and is forever singing, belting it out through the house.  (Her voice is beautiful and will be sorely missed when she leaves the nest…if her Daddy ever lets her.)  Claire’s perpetual song, however, has been known to give her cause for embarrassment.  Like the time she didn’t know that an athletic trainer and his cousin were at the house and her serenade came pouring into the family room from behind the shower curtain and under the bathroom door.  It may have been less humiliating had she not been in “concert mode”.

Claire laughs easily and often.  I love that she can laugh at herself…like when she serenades strangers or discovers something stuck in her front teeth after meeting a new friend.  (Even when she took out the $900 basketball goal while backing out of the driveway, the embarrassed laughter that lights up her face eventually came out…though it wasn’t until after her Daddy laughed.)  Most often Claire laughs at Tanner and Tess.  Her brother and sister are the funniest and she adores them.  Claire is charmed by fun, light-hearted people and is naturally drawn to them.        

Claire is tough.  She’s not likely to cry when she gets hurt, be it physically or feelings.  She’s tough, thanks to basketball and brothers I guess.  We rarely see her tears…unless it’s regarding her passions.   

Claire is very passionate!  If she cares deeply about something or someone, she feels it with intensity and can’t hide it.

Her passions?

  *Jesus.  She loves Him and her heart aches at the thought of a lost soul.     

*Family.  Claire has a long fuse and doesn’t anger easily.  But if you want to see her temper, mess with her family.  She loves spending time with family and when her brother is away at college she misses him like nothing else.     

*Friends.  Claire would lay down her life for her friends and makes herself vulnerable by opening her heart to those she loves.  They are worth the risk.    

*Basketball.  Where to begin?  The loss of a very important game hits her hard (there may be tears).  Being selected All-American out of over 300 girls overwhelmed her with gratitude and humility (there were tears).  She is fiercely loyal to her team and teammates.  When she plays her last highschool game, at her last National Tournament, she will feel it in the depths of her being (there will be tears).

Claire is a Romantic.  She awaits her prince charming, her knight in shining armor, patiently {*Take your time, Sir Knight, just hurry*}.  She is conservative (a.k.a. old-fashioned) when it comes to being romanced.  She may drop a few hints, encourage him along the way, bat her lashes, but her prince better be charming…and valiant enough to “come calling” on her (… and her Daddy), because she won’t be chasing after him!  Claire doesn’t date yet, by her own choice, though you can be sure her Daddy is in full support.  Her fairytale romance just might be falling *madly in love* with her best friend and, at just the right time, being *swept off her feet* to live *happily ever after*.          

 A dear family friend, who has known Claire forever, recently sent me the following text message:  “Thinking of u so much.  Watched ‘Tangled’  last night!!! WOW!!! Claire’s the star of that show!!” 

Maybe so.  I think I’m going to grab some popcorn and go watch Tangled again, I’m curious.  

Thank you, Claire Bear, for lighting up my life!  

  Two year old little stinker.    

      “I went to a Chinese restaurant to buy a loaf of bread, bread, bread…”


    Claire’s big brother.  Her “knight” …until the real one comes along.

Hiking Colorado.

    Finding Claire like this more often these days than usual.

           “Let me see your grill…”

               My girl.


Backstage…before the play.

Juliet and her mom… “The Suess-ification of Romeo and Juliet”


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  1. Enid

    This post is so beautiful…. I have so much to learn from you !

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