Today…Tess Turns Sixteen

Tess Mess (where do ya suppose she got that nickname?) is Sweet 16!  Is it possible?  Where has the little girl gone?  I will say this again in five years, no doubt, about the young lady that was once sweet sixteen.  So, I shall keep my eye on who she is right now, today…

Today, she is quick witted and it sometimes gets her in trouble.

  She can laugh at herself and when she does, her face lights and she looks a bit shy and embarrassed.

  Today, she smiles in spite of the  *shocks* she wears in her mouth

She sees beauty in an imperfect bracelet made by her *baby* sister.

Her older sister is her best friend and it really mattered that her big brother be home for her birthday.

Today, she wants to spend the whole day with family, as long as it includes Mexican food.

She loves Jesus and wants a devotional book for her birthday.  

She is not perfect.  She can be a stinker.  She is a bit too much like her Momma at times.

But, she is an easy-going peace maker, which makes it easy to overlook her shortcomings. 

Today she is *sweet sixteen* and we celebrate her! 

The gift and blessing that she is…



We thank God for you!



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One response to “Today…Tess Turns Sixteen

  1. Val

    16 years…unbelievable. it seems like just a couple of years ago that we stayed at the house with Claire and Tanner while y’all had a last minute weekend getaway before Tess was born! It was my “practice” to be a new Mommy and while it does seem impossible that time has flown so fast, Travis will be 16 this June! I pray that her day was everything you all wanted 🙂 miss you

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