The Pathway to New Beginnings

…holds promise

I met a new friend last week.   The house, she so beautifully made home, burned to the ground just four days before Christmas.  It was tragic.  By the grace of God, it was not as tragic as it might have been.  Her entire family escaped just in time.   But all earthly possessions were lost.  Everything.  

My new friend’s name is Edie and, while she doesn’t know me (I met her through her blog), I have been praying for her and her family by name.  I am compelled to pray for her because she is my sister in Christ and she has been devastated.  (You can read her brief recap of her story here.) 

Edie’s house burned.  The home she built inside that house, however, is indestructible.  Even after her physical house has tragically vanished, her home continues to inspire and bless others.  I don’t know His timing, but I have no doubt that the Lord will bring her through this and that she will be back stronger and more effective than ever.   I look forward to watching Edie’s new beginnings; to watching her, one day, transform her next house into a home.  In the mean time, her precious blog *home* is a treasure, still encouraging women, pointing us to Jesus, and inspiring us to fill our homes with blessings of true beauty.      

If  you are a woman, young or old, you will be blessed and inspired by Edie’s blog,  Life (in) Grace. Guaranteed.  Edie is smart and, on her blog, she shares her love for classical literature and homeschooling.  She is talented and shares her ideas for crafting, cooking, renovating and *redecoranging*.  She loves Jesus and God’s Word and inspires us to do the same.  Did I mention that she is beautiful?  Yep. Smart. Talented. Beautiful.  Someone remind me why I like this girl, again?  Oh, yes… because she’s just SO loveable

New beginnings often bring with them hope, anticipation, excitement and joy.  I pray that Edie’s loss will ultimately bring the blessings of new beginnings to her and her family.  Surely, the road ahead will be painful.  I have no comprehension of this type of devastation, but I do know that God is faithful and that the path that lies ahead for them holds promise.      

If, and when, the Lord brings them to mind, please pray for this dear family

Oh, and Happy Birthday Edie!


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