Age…From My Vantage Point

God frequently uses my children to keep me humble.  Today however, on my forty-somethingish birthday, I am kept in my right place by a Mount Everest-sized pimple positioned right next to the most prominent wrinkle on my face.   

Something is just not right about a huge zit and a deep crevice taking up residence on the same face…especially my own!  How’s a girl suppose to “treat” this situation?  With makeup, I know, but do you you moisturize the wrinkle and risk exasperating the acne or do you treat the pimple  at the expense of drying out the aging skin?  Sheesh.  It makes me think of a time, not so long ago, when we were raising toddlers and teenagers under the same roof.

I will give no more thought, however, to the mountain next to the deep rift on my face because today is my birthday.  Today I will celebrate and be happy.  Today marks the day that I am officially closer to the age of fifty than I am to forty.  Weird.  Is this what forty-six feels like?  Looks like?  I would not have thought so, even a decade ago.  I guess I thought I would be much older by the time I reached this age. 

I remember my own mom at the age I am now.  She was only forty-four on my wedding day.  Perception is influenced by perspective.  On my wedding day, my mom was “middle-aged” and maybe “a bit fluffy”.  That was my perception twenty-five years ago.  (Sorry Mom, I’m sure your grandchildren are vindicating you this very day through their own view of yours truly.)  Today, I see that my mom was beautiful.  She really was.  I miss her, especially today.  It was really her “birth” day after all.  If my mom were still living, I’d take her to lunch to celebrate at a little tea room and I would tell her thank you for giving birth to me, for raising me, for praying by my bed at night and on the way to school in the mornings, and  for teaching me to believe in Jesus and answered prayers. 

My mom died young.  It has been only eight years and even then I didn’t realize how very young she really was.  My Mama was sixty years old when she met Jesus.  I’m a slow learner, but thanks be to God, at least I’m learning.  From where I sit today, I can see a bit more clearly.  Age is relative.  Age is beautiful.   

 Lord, give me perspective, Your perspective.  Today I turn forty-six.  I look forward to growing old, but for today, I shall celebrate my “youth”.  From this vantage point I really am still so very, very young. 

I even have a pimple to prove it!



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2 responses to “Age…From My Vantage Point

  1. Captain

    Beloved Bride

    You will always be BEAUTIFUL in my eyes! You bring warmth to my soul, joy to my heart, “good” tears to my eyes and laughter to my day.

    Happy 46th!

  2. Lori @ Just Pure Lovely

    You gave me a giggle right from the start! I sometimes look in the mirror and see that my face is drooping the way I remember my grandmother’s drooping. It’s just starting, but I see it. And then I think that there is NO WAY that’s me. I feel like I can’t possibly be 40 already.

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