30A is Waiting for Me…

One week!   One more week!  The Beaches of South Walton/SoWal/30A!  We’re coming, we’re coming!

Minutes and hours can not pass quickly enough until we get there. 

Once there, of course, I will want that same clock to slow to a turtle’s pace.   In my attempt to “be there” before we get there, I read anything I can find written by or about locals .   I like the way Laurel speaks of a “nice beachy pace” and I am determined to be in beach mode the minute my big toe reaches the sand

I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend a week with my family there.  I couldn’t be one bit more happy if we were going to Hawaii or Santorini, Greece!  In fact, to me, this is paradise.   

I expect the Captain will build sand castles, fish, boogie board, and lead the way through the swells, convincing our offspring that it’s safe to go into the water.  I will peek over my book every now and then to admire my fresh pedicure and wave at the family in the surf.


There is an eighteen hour stretch of highway and three states between “paradaise” and our home in Texas.  We will be making the road trip with only four of our five babes this year.  The college boy will be flying in to meet us there.  I intend to do my best to make the most of every minute I get to spend there with family God gave me.

I’m trying to determine what making “the most of every minute” looks like.  I will be thinking and praying about that this week while making lists and packing.

I hope to make time to write again before we leave.  We’ll see.



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2 responses to “30A is Waiting for Me…

  1. Such beautiful emerald waters, such brilliantly white sand, adorable towns …I love calling this area home, and I’m glad people like you love to visit. Welcome!

  2. Carrie Sue

    Thank you, Lori!

    We had a wonderful time, breif as it was, in your “backyard”. One week is never enough.

    I dream about your neck of the woods and I love visiting your blog! I look read and look forward to every post.

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