Adios, Sayonara, Goodbye…So Long, Summer

Two more weeks of summer will have to do.  I’m not complaining.  School is already back in session for so many people I know. 

When I decided to get my degree in Education, I must admit that June, July, and August were three of my top ten reasons for wantitng to be a teacher.  That’s been more than a few years ago and I don’t remember if there really were three full months of summer break or if I was just idealistic. 

Either way, I do know one thing…summer break, as long as I have a say, will be June, July and August!  And, since we homeschool, I have a say (one more reason why I LOVE TEXAS! ).  When school starts, my babes will not be rushing out the door each morning, leaving me alone with several hours to occupy.  Oh, contrary!  Back to school, for the teacher, means back to business, back to the drawing board, back to history and math and English.  It means, I suppose for us all, farewell lazy days of summeradios, sayonara, goodbye, this is it! 

Tuesday after Labor Day is our traditional start day.  That means two more weeks.  That’s not long enough, but it will have to do.  I want to help Miss Olivia with a sewing project, read one more summer fun book to the Littles, sit on the porch everyday, and maybe, just maybe, have one last hoorah

Are you already in the swing?  Are you hanging, by a thread, to the last few dog days of summer?  Will you have one last hoorah?


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