How’s A Girl To Choose…

…a niche, that is?

I have been all over Blogsville today!   First one link, then another, to the point of no return.  I don’t even know where I started. 

I’ve been  very slowly  trying to learn how to build a blog…this blog.  Keywords: slowly, trying.  I’m handicapped  when it comes to anything computery.  I’m computer illiterate, with little knowledge and even less vocabulary.   

In my bloggy travels today, I came across this link that got me to thinking about “finding your niche”. 

I was very interested…boy have I struggled with this!  My niche?  I HAVE NO IDEA!  Sometimes I wonder if I’m just a complete wierdo who has no place in blog-society at all.  Alas, My Camo Colored Life, to the rescue with a post about this very thing!  It helped me breathe a little easier until I can decide on my niche…if I ever do.     

Thank you, Camo,  for “permission” to be niche-less!”

Like most women, I’m interested in, and indentify with, lots of different people and topics.  Every time I try to think of a specific niche in which to place my blog, I stress.  What if I pick a niche, only to want to write about something completely off topic?  Then what?  Where does that fit? What if my blog never fits into a niche?  Then is it pointless?

I have written, so far, about what’s going on in my life or through my mind, most of  which was before realizing there was such a thing as a “niche”.

Since learning of niches, I’ve often found it difficult to write.  I freeze up, not knowing where I “belong” or what my focus is “supposed” to be.  However, I don’t want my committment to a blog-niche to keep me from being real and disversified.  I don’t want to have to “think up” topics that fit into the box in which I’ve placed myself.  

I’m not saying that I don’t want my blog to have a focus.  I do.  I need a little focus in my life and I think that defining my blog would also help me to have more purpose when I write.  Maybe I just want my focus to reflect the bigger picture, to be a broad focus.  Maybe I just don’t know yet!  I do know one thing…I want to be able to keep writing and relax until I figure it out.   

There is still SO much to learn and understand, and it’s not just all about blogging and writing.  (I’m still tryin’ to figure out the what-nots of puttin’  it all into this here machine I’m peckin’ on!)  This blog looks and functions nothing the way I’d like, but it’s a place for me to write and learn as I go…slowly! 


Oh and P.S. 

I joined the SITS Girls, which I have no idea how to use.  But hey, it’s a step.



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16 responses to “How’s A Girl To Choose…

  1. Right there with you. I think the main idea behind SITS is that you get introduced to a new blogger each day. Whenever you see the SITS button on a blog, leave a comment! It’s also a nice way to learn about and connect with other blog(ger)s. I am also without a niche!

  2. HI! Thanks for linking up! I just noticed that so many people were confused and started getting down on themselves and their blogs about this “niche” thing (and I’m one of those people!).

    I definitely think we need to embrace ourselves and carve out a niche for ourselves (our way) in this crazy categorized world.

    I loved your post. And hello pastries! Yum!!

    The most important thing to me is support. So if you have any questions, concerns, comments, whatever feel free to hit me up and I will try to help as best I can! We can figure this out!

    I hope you are having a great weekend and I can’t wait to get to know you better!

    PS. Your family is gorgeous and my hubby is a born and bred Texas Hellraiser so I totally understand the draw to the state now!

  3. Sometimes it’s cool NOT to have a niche. Variety can be such a great thing.

    Take your time with it. Post in forums. Comment on blogs. But most importantly, focus on doing this for yourself, and writing the kind of content YOU want. The rest will come on its own! ❤

  4. JDaniel4's Mom

    I don’t have a niche. I am kind off all over the place. It may be problem, but I enjoy it.

    Stopping from Mom Loop!

  5. Hello,
    I love your blog and the variety of topics you write about. I think we should sit down and have some of those desserts in the picture and yak about the nicheless blog niches we have.
    I don’t like to pigeon hole my blog either. it’s positive but varied. I stopped by from the Mom Loop Comment Follow Day!

  6. I am right there with you. I don’t have a niche either. I just started blogging a little over a month ago so I understand what you mean by having so much to learn. I am enjoying it though. Great post. I am sure that many can relate. I stopped by through Mom Loop.

    • Carrie Sue

      Thanks for stopping by. I like hearing from others who are finding there way out there in the world of blogging. Hope to see you around.

  7. I’d get bored trying to write in a tight niche. A little diversity in topics is good. It’s a writing style that attracts me and makes me want to come back.

    ps-Mom Loop reader

  8. sorry- typo in my site name and saw too late to edit- just reposting

  9. I totally agree. I’m new myself and still trying to find my way around the blog world. I think I joined SITS too….I’m sure I’ll see you around. I’m stopping by here from Mom Loop.

  10. Ha! I feel ya! My middle name is Random!
    will be following your blog 🙂
    Stop by and follow me too!

    Have a great day!

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