Giving In: The Trend Toward Healthy Eating

I’m a bit of a rebel.  I tend to shy away from the latest trends simply because I don’t want to go along with what everyone else says is “cool”.  I have my own mind and I don’t want to be told what to wear, eat, read, do…get the picture?  “Pride cometh before the fall.”  I know.  I pray about it daily, but that’s not my point.

I want to develop, for myself and my family, a more healthy way of eating.  There.  I said it.  I could easily rebel against “healthy” eating habits for the mere purpose of not buying into the latest craze, but this is something I really want to do.  I’ve always leaned toward a healthy-ish lifestyle…emphasis on the “ish”.  I enjoy sunshine and fresh air.  I’m ever so slightly athletic and am drawn to activity, or at least the idea of it.   I like veggies, all them, and have taught my children to enjoy them as well.  Hmm, what else is healthy-ish about me?  That just may be it.  Oh, I understand the value of H2O and raw veggies and I’ve read French Women Don’t get Fat.  That probably about sums up my healthy-ishness.  

The other, and  more prevalent, side of me loves to go to movies and eat buttered (Yes, I said it, buttered!) popcorn.  I can sit idle, whether on the porch or in front of the picture window, daydreaming for way too long.  Pasta with marinara  is yummy, but I may prefer it with cream sauce.  I consider chicken fried steak  with mashed potatoes and gravy a well-balanced meal, as long as there are green beans and dessert.  Sweet tea is a staple.  And I looove my coffee.  Do not come between us! 

As I read this, I realize that I’m quite possibly a split personality and may need therapy.  But for now, I’m just going to say that I think I’d like to make some changes toward more healthy eating.  Do not misunderstand.  I’m never (that’s a guarantee that God will make me) going  to turn completely away from all the wonderful things I love.  I just mean that I want our family to characteristically eat healthy food and enjoy it, while balancing that with some of the other things we’ve always enjoyed..      

It’s all about baby steps, for me, and I think I may already be a couple of steps into it.  So far, the steps I’ve taken are as follows. 

I started by creating the habit and routine of meal planning.  Jotting down the meals you plan to have over the course of the next week, or at least the next few days, and listing the ingredients that you’ll need for those meals is a relatively simple process if you stick with what you already know.  Once you get that down,  making simple changes gradually may seem less daunting.  This is what I’m thinking anyway.  I’m not there yet. 

Having veggies at every meal is the other baby step I’ve taken (or should I say “am taking”…still working on this one).  I’m loving sliced tomatoes on my plate.  I know that’s fruit, but I count them as a veggie.  Sometimes it’s a colorful salad.  Often it’s simply steamed veggies.  I think that my current favorite is a side of sliced avocado, tomato, and red onion.   

I’m not sure what the next baby step will be.  I don’t want to get ahead of myself and make some elaborate plan that I stick to as well as my New Year’s resolutions.  It’s just like me to dive in head first to something, get overwhelmed, lose momentum and give up.  I knew, when I was reading the post at Simple Mom today, that I couldn’t just go buy the E-book and get started.  I’m the crazy that would buy the “bargain”, bazillion gallons of coconut oil and then let it go bad on a shelf because I’m not sure what I was supposed to be using it for.  No, not yet.  For now, I’ll just keep up with what I’m doing and add in other changes naturally.  I’ll post them here, so I can see my progress, if there is any more progress.

Well, off to MarketStreet to get some veggies!  Happy steaming.

(It may seem that I’m all over the place with my posts, but it only seems that way because I am.  And I am because that’s the way my mind works.  This blog may take on a focus one day, but I doubt it.   I am still working on the house, slowly, but surely.)


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  1. One baby step you might try is switching to whole-grain foods. I have switched flour, pasta, bread, english muffins, and even frozen waffles. I also have eliminated white rice from my cabinet and have been eating brown rice. Good luck!

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