Ballet and Worship

The ballet was beautiful and worshipful!  I’m so glad I went.  There was no other option, of course, and I’m thakful.  Ballet and worship music together is a rare and beautiful combination.  

Being in the audience of such a presentation can be a real act of worship if your heart is right.  There are all levels of performers and each has it’s own unique place in the worship experience. Our Little Miss was, naturally, in one of the lower levels and it was absolutely precious to watch those young children dance, moving their arms and bodies in praise to God!  Blessing! 


And after. 

Do not forget to bring flowers to the ballerina.  I have made this mistake before.  She was fine.  I was not.   I nearly forgot again, well actually I did forget again, but thankfully a friend pulled through and had her dear son run and get some just before the performance began.  Thank heaven for friends!

 Ballerina and Grampa

Next on my agenda is the challenge of transforming Little Miss ballerina into Mrs. Teatime (aka Mrs. Potts) for Beauty and the Beast…coming up next week in her drama class.  My heart rate just bumped up an notch or ten.


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  1. Amazingly beautiful. What kind of music did they dance to?

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