Basketball Mom turned Ballet Mom…


…for today, anyway.   And, to be honest, I’m having a hard time settling in to the whole idea of it. 

The whole family, with the exception of myself and my littlest girl, left this morning.  They are travelling just two and a half hours down the road to see my college boy and his basketball team play.  I want to be there like nothing else!  

My big boy plays basketball at a small university over six hours away and his games are never nearby, except this one time a year, when they play at a town just two and a half hours away from ours.  There are two universities that they play in that same little city, so they get to be there for two nights.  

My son is just over two hours away and I can’t see him!  How crazy is that?  I am the type of person to say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” but, I’ll be doggone, if I just couldn’t make it happen this time…not and keep my place as a mom in good standing with her seven year old ballerina. 

My boy’s first game was played on Thursday and I was going to be there “come hail or high water”, but not “come snow and ICE!”.  We had a winter storm, here in West Texas, and the roads got icy.  The Captain decided it wasn’t safe to travel.  He stayed at work and I was left at home to pout, cry, and throw fits.  I did throw a pretty good little tantrum in my head.  I thought it best to do it there, so that the kids wouldn’t think  they were privvy to do the same thing the next time they were as mad and disappointed as I was then.  

Oh, but I did cry and fight back tears off and on all afternoon.  It was such a let down.  I had been looking forward to it since the day that I had written it in my calendar back in August.  Blast.  To make matters worse, I knew that this was my only chance to go.  The rest of the family could go to the second game on Saturday, but not me.  My little miss has her Winter Ballet Performance Saturday evening. 

What’s a mother to do?  Who else can go sit in the audience and watch a dozen or two little ballerinas on a huge stage and actually see one over all the rest, if not that little ballerina’s mommy?  Who else will do her little bun and tuck her long sleeves under so that they are 3/4 length sleeves (because they never did get cut and hemmed), if not her mommy?  

I’ll be going to the ballet tonight.  There will be no yelling or cheering or anxiety because of  the too-close-for-comfort score board and no correcting the refs for not calling the foul.  There will be beautiful music and beautiful costumes and beautiful little girls all performing to their hearts content for their “fans”.  

I’ll take flowers to give to my little ballerina (only because a friend reminded me of the protocol this morning, thanks friend).  Hopefully, our little girl’s daddy and brother and sisters will roll back into town in time to slip in and see the performance.  

It would make her day to get those flowers from her daddy.


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