$150 Hairdo!

Yes, that’s right, one hundred fifty dollar hair do!   
What do you think? 
I thought, “By golly, I better get a photo of this $150 hair do.”  Of course, I thought of this at the end of the day, after my “do” was tired and worn out and so was I, but I took a picture of myself anyway. 
First of all, even after a days wear, it looks better than it will ever look again.  I can’t ever do what they do and so, of course it will never again look the same. 
But the main reason I photographed my “do” was because it was a hundred and fifty bucks!!!  I just about passed out right there in the “beauty shop”!  Can you imagine what the look on my face must have been when they told me the price?  I was stunned, to say the least.  My immediate thought was, “Oh my, I don’t think I’ll take this hair do after all!”, but then it occurred to me that I wasn’t shopping.  I had to hand over a hundred and fifty bucks on the spot.  I gave the lady the remainder of my grocery money and went home. 
The Captain said, “Ooooh, I like your hair, it looks really good!”  And I said, “Thank you, it was a hundred and fifty bucks.”  And he said, “It doesn’t look THAT good!” and then he said, “That’s ridiculous!” as if this were MY fault!  Well, what’s a girl to do?  Preserve it in photos, don’t ya know! 
So here you have a couple of pics…ignore the ridiculous expression on my face and the fact that I need lipstick…
 Looks like $150 hair do…don’t ya think?  OK, maybe not, but it feels really fresh…for today, anyway!

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