What is it about snow?


The surprise of a frosty white blanket on the ground outside our window is always a welcome sight around our house.   What else, so simple, can cause such wonder and excitement?   It’s welcomed by the kids, of course, but even I find it magical somehow.

It came on the morning of Christmas Eve this year.  What a gift!   We woke to the sound of the Captain’s phone.  “Don’t try to come in…”  came the voice on the other end of the line.  Yes!  He was planning to work half the day. I was planning a trip to MarketStreet and to Pedro’s to get the tamales.  We hopped out of bed, pulled on our fleece and headed out together, all kids still snug in their beds.   First stop, Peets Coffee inside MarketStreet, then off to shopping.  There’s a feeling of excitement and celebration in the air on Christmas eve.  It’s just plain fun (as long as you don’t have a bazillion errands and all your shopping left to do)! 

We finished up at the store and got back home  just in time to catch all the kiddos waking up to the surprise God left outside.  This doesn’t just happen every day!  Even the twenty year old came out to marvel…he was especially impressed by the snow drift created on his car by the wind.  This is a rare and wonderful gift! 

Narnia.  We live in Narnia! 


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