‘Tis the season…to Just Do It!

Wreath for blog

Photo by Jean Allsopp for Southern Living

‘Tis the season to wonder how on earth it ” ’tis the season” again already!   I realize  that saying “it ’tis” is a redundant use of words, but I think it sounds better that way.  Anyway it really is the season to get ready for the season so that we can “cruise through the holidays”, to quote Flylady. 

I have been following two “get ready lists”;  Simple Mom’s Twelve Weeks Until Christmas countdown and FlyLady’s Cruising Through the Holidays.  I particularly like FlyLady’s section called Kelly’s Holiday Cruising Missions.  These are simple daily “baby steps” to do each day until December 1st.  The idea is to pretend that you are leaving for a cruise on that day and that you HAVE to have everything ready in order to leave.  The “cruise”, in reality, is simply your holiday season.  Basically, all the baby steps leading up to it,  just help you get as much as possible done before the actual holidays are upon us.  You can just jump in there and pick up on whatever day you start. 

Every year, it seems we don’t have much time to truly enjoy the season.  We are shopping and decorating and cooking and running around, all while trying to keep up with the wild craziness of basketball season.  Is it even possible to make it different this year?  (Especially, considering that I say, every year, “we are NOT going to do this again next year!”)  Maybe, just maybe, if I will take these baby steps and not shut down if I miss one or three, then things will be different this year.   

This holiday season, I am going to be ready, ahead of time..at least more ready than usual…so that we can enjoy the wonder of Christmastime!  It’s a lofty goal, but it is a goal!   You’ve got to have a goal!

In the words of Amelia Earhart, written on my message board, “The best way to do it, is to do it.”!   Hmm~Just do it.   I wonder if Mr. Nike was a fan of Amelia?


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