It’s a dog’s life

My family left early this morning.  I say early.  That’s relative.  To my girls, it’s early if it’s still dark out when you leave for basketball  practice.  To me, it’s early if it’s still dark out when your husband wakes you to kiss you goodbye, only 4 hours and 22 minutes after you last looked at the clock!  I closed my eyes and listened to the door shut harder than I thought it should have, picturing the Littles popping their eyes open wide.  Thankfully they slept through it.  Just as I was beginning to drift back to the Land of Nod, I heard the familiar jingling coming down the long hallway toward my room.  Gabby!  Tell me no.  Can the dumpster truck possibly be here already?  I don’t hear it, but I jump out bed and begin the race to the back door.  Our blue heeler is faster than lightning and can cut and turn on a dime.  I can not.  I hit the quirky fold-in-half door in the hallway that gets run into about twice a week.  Lucy, the Lab/Retriever mix, decides to check out the situation.  Gabby is at the back door.  “Don’t bark!  Please don’t bark!  I’m coming.  Ouch.  I’m coming!”  Too late…the peace and quite of our dark home is cracked open by the echo of the sharp, booming, blasts of big-dog barking.  Why, oh why, did we choose wood floors?  Big-dog barks indoors with wood floors…well, I just can’t explain it.  I finally got to the door, got it unlocked and opened in what seemed to be an eternity. 

Running on a treadmill, trying to get traction on the wood floors, the pair finally got out the door.   I saw nothing but a black blur as Gabby cut her way to the fort steps, with Lucy on her heels,  to take position on their lookout…and just in time!  It was here…the dumpster truck…loud and monstrous!  BARK, BARK, BARK! WOOF, WOOF!  RRR,WOO, WOO, WOOF! BARK, BARK!  And then they were done.  I just don’t understand this.  What in the world is so darned exciting about the dumpster truck?  You would think it was the Second Coming and you have to be on the fort or you get left behind.  It’s genuine panic the way they blaze a trail to that perch!  And the funny thing is, it’s the highlight of their week.  They came back to the door and Gabby whined, so I let them in. I’m left standing at the  door wondering what just happened.  I was snug as a bug in a rug one minute and the next, I’m standing erect on a cold hard floor with bare feet, heart pounding.  I turned to see that Gabby and Lucy had gone back to their beds and back to sleep.  I need my coffee…make it a double!


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