Miracles never cease…

We did art today!Kids Fall Painting 004

I came across this art blog and I LOVE it Here is the project we did today.   I chose this project for three reasons.  First and foremost, it didn’t intimidate me.  That’s huge.  Art intimidates me.  Second, I had all the supplies for it…watercolor paper, watercolors, brushes.  Third, it was a fall-ish projet and fall is in the air.   It’s not my favorite fall project from the site, but it didn’t intimidate me and I had all the stuff.


We went outside to observe trees, noting how their trunks and limbs and branches grow.  I wish I hadn’t made the Little Miss cry.  I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings, but I managed anyway.  She went to her bed to “get it all out” and when she returned to join the gang, everyone was ahead of her on their painting.  That just nearly set her off again, but I managed to get her through it without having to send her back to her bed.  Things began rocking along the way I’m sure Charlotte Mason would have it and I was just beginning to feel successful as a motherThen I noticed Little Mister’s painting.  Either he didn’t pay attention when we were outside noting how the branches on the trees grow UP or he just couldn’t get what that meant.  Either way,  humility returned to me,  it’s rightful owner, as it always faithfully does.   Once again, I found myself in parental doubt.  What’s the best way to handle this?  Do I just let the boy be creative and make his his tree the way he wants…this is ART afterall and I don’t want to injure yet more feelings, heaven forbid.  On the other hand, one of the main points of the lesson was to note creation and how it really looks and grows, trying to make a more realistic drawing, avoiding the stereotypical straight tree trunk, etc. and to follow directions.   I made him start over.  Yikes.  Did I squelch his creativity?  Or worse, his spirit?  I watched as he began again and it was better, but he still didn’t do it “right”.  This time it seemed more about fine motor skills than paying attention or following directions.  I held my tongue.   I love his tree, by the way.  It means so many things to me.     Kids Fall Painting 003I covered the farm table with a vinyl table cloth first and then decided that would be messy if when the water spilled, so I covered that with a sheet.  Probably overkill for a little painting with watercolors, but it worked.  

We pulled up the project on the website we were using and kept it open on the table.  It walked us through step by step.   (That’s my painting on the easel back there, by the way.  Yes, I actually demonstrated while they watched.  It was very PBS Painting Show-ish, I’m sure.)

Kids Fall Painting 008

The  procrastianator is reforming!  We actually did art today.  It was a baby step, I know.  And it’s often one step forward,two steps back.  It was a step, however, and I’m counting it! 

Kids Fall Painting 017

Can you guess which tree belongs to the Little Mister?  I do love that tree…and that boy!


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