Fair Food and Makin’ Bacon

There is food at the fair…fair food!  The cravings begin around here a week before the fair and everyone starts talking about what they’re going to eat when we go.  There is talk of footlong corndogs, footlong chili cheese dogs, corn on the cob, curly taters, funnel cakes, cotton candy, homemade pies, fried pies, tamales, turkey legs, fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade and Coke.  Coke?  Coke?  What?  Why on earth would my little boy ask if they have Coke, of all things, at the fair.  Is he deprived because I rarely let him order it at restaurants?  (By the way, it adds over ten bucks to the tab if we all order drinks…H2O anyone?)   My teen girls answer their little brother by  giving him the “are you serious?” look and he gives them the  “what?…why are you looking at me like that?”  look.   Coke, it seems, is modern in the mind of my eight year old and fairs are old fashioned.  So, “will they have Coke?”.  Legitimate question in his mind.  

We got our taste of fair food today.   I didn’t take pictures of it.  I couldn’t.  It would be to risky.  I might  miss out on my fair share (hee hee…fair share, get it?).  We share bites of our delacacies with each other so that we get to sample more stuff.  That also saves on the budget and the butt waistline.  And guess what?  They didn’t have Coke!  At least, the little place where we sat to eat didn’t have it…Pepsi, it was. 

We had bacon for breakfast yesterday and sausage this morning.  (I know.  I KNOW!)  We began our fair visit this morning at the swine building.  Excellent choice, don’t you think?  If you know me, then you know that we didn’t pass the little piggies without some “makin’ bacon” and “swine flu” jokes.  The little piggies were huge, by the way.  My little buddy got his hand slapped by a pig ear when he reached to pet it.   It hurt, as far as pig ear slaps go, I guess.  He jerked his hand back in a hurry…city kid.


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