We started anyway!

Well, Labor Day weekend was too short, as it turns out.

We did get several things crossed off the list, but there’s still plenty to be done

But we started school, anyway!  That is really huge for me.   

I am such a perfectionist…not the vacume cleaner marks in the carpet and exactly 1.5 inches between every hanger in the closet kind of perfectionist, but the kind that has unrealistic expectations about how everything needs to be.  I have “eyes that see” and I’m forever beckoning my offspring to have the same.   In this, we simply amaze one another.   They are utterly amazed that I can walk through the family room and detect a string on the floor, peeking out from under the sofa.  I, on the other hand, am utterly amazed that they can walk through the same room, STEP ON a dirty pair of socks on the floor, and when asked to pick them up, say,”…what socks?”.  Amazing.    

balance somewhere between us is the goal…”Maybe I can overlook the string on the floor beneath the sofa, dear Offspring,  if you can please, at least acknowledge the socks you just stepped on”.

I have a really hard time being productive or accomplishing things if I feel unorganized.  I’ve come a long way since the days when I couldn’t even do laundry if the house wasn’t tidy.  With five kids and homeschooling, keeping the house tidy can sometimes be challenging…can you see the problem?  Thanks to Flylady, my laundry is no longer out of control, a bit behind at times, but never out of control. 

Now, like I said, we started school even though we weren’t  “ready” and that  really is huge for me.   I usually exhaust myself in the weeks before we begin a new homeschool year, making sure I have the perfect schedule (that I never stick to) and everything is in perfect order (which never stays that way) and then we have all the build up and anticipation the weekend before.  Then I fall into bed, too late, the night before our first day.   I would never EVER dream of starting school if I weren’t “done” with all that prep.  But even with all the preparation, I still would almost always be disillusioned at the end of our first week.   

This year was different.  It wasn’t the picture perfect start that I always hope for and never attain, but it was just fine.  It’s OK that it wasn’t a dynamic or remarkable start to a new year.  It’s OK because I didn’t have visions of grandeur about our first week of school.   We just got started.  We got some stuff done.  I want to be more organized.  I intend to have more routine.  I hope to get more done.  I’d like to have more fun.   But it’s a process.  A journey.

Lord, help us to enjoy the journey together!  Amen.

 Well, I can’t wait to post some “after” pics…even though I didn’t think to take any “before” photos.  I’m still looking forward to posting some shots of what we got done. 

Hopefully soon!


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