We are not ready for school to start…

Tanner to Concordia + Lambs Come 2009 059…on Tuesday, the day after Labor Day…aack!  Today is Friday.  That means I have the weekend, essentially, plus one day.  

The firstborn has already started classes at his university in another town.  He will miss all the excitement.

The eldest teen that is still a student in our homeschool is ready because she isn’t related to me.   That’s not true.  I birthed her, but sometimes I wonder where she came from because she is self governed, self disciplined, loves the schedule and loves setting and reaching goals.  I, on the other hand, love making schedules.  Turning those schedules into routines…not so much.  I love setting goals.  Disciplining myself to reach those goals…not so much. 

The teenaged middle child isn’t ready because she doesn’t like to do school work.  I have hopes of making it more enjoyable for her this year, but I don’t really have a plan for that.  She also isn’t ready because her room is in complete disarray. 

I am not ready because I have the house in an upheavel.  Remember the nine square shuffle?  It’s time to get set and get ready.  I also don’t have my school plans together or the schedule made.  And I need to redo our chore system because it fell apart over the summer. 

That is what Labor Day weekend holds for me.  I do this every year.  I have labor to do on Labor Day weekend.  Hopefully I will have more foresight next year and actually relax and enjoy the day if not the whole weekend.  

This year, we (thank God for the Captain) will chip away at the list, get as far as we can, and keep working on it as time permits.  “It doesn’t have to be perfect, just keep moving forward”, I will keep saying to myself , all weekend, if I know me…and I do!

The List:

Get Wills room homey–lamp, chest, bulletin board or inspiration wire

-Finish up Discovery Room–inspiration wire, maps, calendar, make chalk board, paint toy chest, 

paint chairs (I found two really cute chairs for the littles’ desk areas at an estate sale)

 –Reorganize school cabinets and book shelves

– Think about schooling method/philosophy for middle baby…PRAY!

Rearrange teens bedroom and make it homey for another school year until there is time, money and energy to redecorate

Make schedule for new school year

Rework chore system

Look over school materials, get plan in place for beginning on Tuesday.  PRAY!!!

Is my procrastination showing?  Yes.  I know!  Blast!!

Post Script:  Yea!  So many things marked off the list.  I’m still not sure about schooling philosophy for that middle child, but I didn’t mark off  “pray”, so I’ll keep that up.  In the mean time, I’ll just keep on keeping on.  The discovery room is not as awesome as I had origianally envisioned, but it’s alright.  I know some people would just be so grateful to have that space.  I think I’ve lost my enthusiasm about it.  I need another push.



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2 responses to “We are not ready for school to start…

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  2. Your household seems like a hectic but fun one 😀

    Wish I was home taught.

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