“Lucky” Link…

I’m back.  Well, sorta.  It’s late, a favorite time for me to get lost in blogsville. 

Firstborn is tucked away in his new college town.  Company’s gone home.   I need to be in bed getting a good night’s rest.  It’s time for me to get focused.  Everything starts this week, except our homeschool.  That always begins Tuesday after Labor Day.  Good thing…I have plenty to do between now and then. 

But I’m not getting focused.  I’m getting lost, lost in reading and clicking around on all the wonderful, inspiring blogs that I’ve been missing.  And there are so many. 

I just popped in on Simple Mom and felt lucky because she is having a give away (from Lisa Leonard Designs)and I actually saw it before the winners were announced.  And it’s lucky for you because you can pop in on her, too, and sign up.  And, if you’ve never visited Simple Mom, even if you don’t win,  you’re still lucky because you’ve been introduced to a great blog that you’ll return to again and again.  I don’t know if that made no sense, but I mustn’t try to fix it because I’m about to crater. 

Go check out the contest…and good luck!


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