The nine square shuffle

With the impending departure of my lawn and trash man (a.k.a-my college bound boy) I’ve been a bit tied up with some loose ends.  Actually I’ve been tied up with a complete rearrangement of my home and life. 

All this weekend…

My little boy decided that he wanted to share a room, again, with my big boy.  My big boy thought this sounded like a great idea…what did he have to lose, he’ll be leaving for several months, save a few weekends here and there, in a matter of days. 

I got sentimental about my babies growing up and decided that I needed to create a more fun and playful environment for what’s left of the wonder years.  I got inspired by some photos of homeschool rooms I saw on Flickr and decided  to create a “discovery room”  for the littles…a fun and educational room,  in which the littlest little will still have to sleep.

My two big girls decided that their room needed to be reorganized, rearranged, repainted and redecorated.  My REaction wasn’t what they were hoping for.

All these fabulous ideas running through the minds of my entire family equalled what I call a nine square shuffle.  Remember those little plastic puzzles with the number squares that slide up and down and back and forth and the goal is to put the numbers in order, but you have to move this one here even though is doesn’t go here, so you can move that one there, even though it doesn’t go there, so you can now move the other one here, so you can finally move the first one where it goes?  Well, that’s what we’re doing in our house this week.  The same week that…

…my big boy will be leaving for college.  He will be living in an apartment, which sent us on frenzy of estate/garage sale shopping in hopes of collecting as much off the list as possible.  Isn’t it the perfect time to go garage sale hopping when you’re in the midst of completely rearranging your home?

And our friends from Michigan will be arriving to our home the day before we return from delivering the college kid and his stuff, which means we must leave the house company ready. 

I haven’t had time to put my definition of courage into words, nor to write about what encourages me.  I  have thought about courage a lot lately, though.  It’s been the theme of my thoughts and prayers. 

I will need it this coming weekend when I leave my firstborn more than six hours away, that’s for sure!  And I will find it in my heart when I need it most.   I know this, because my God is faithful that way.  And I will be encouraged when I think of how our boy is fulfilling his childhood dream of playing college basketball!  I’ve already been encouraged through his excitement!  

I hope to be back to writing soon.  But all next week we will be enjoying the company of our good friends, visiting us in the Lone Star State, all the way down from Michigan, so it may be awhile. 

In the mean time I would love know what it is that summons your courage!



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3 responses to “The nine square shuffle

  1. Josiah Ames Noble

    Courage: The substance of life that enables one to face her fears and overcome her obstacles; the essence of a life well lived for Christ…”If God be for me, who can be against me?” It is the ability to say yes when everything in you cries no. It is the stuff that allows you to hand over the greatest cares of life to God, knowing that “He will never leave you, nor forsake you.” It is the belief that “All things work together for good…” Simply, it is a good person who believes in a good God, and acts in that goodness.

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