“(In) Courage”

I’m encouraged to have stumbled upon such an awesome space and I look forward to visiting often.  I love, of course, that it’s self-described as a sort of beach house.  I don’t know if there’s anything that will so quickly make my heart pitter patter.   I’m anticipating hearing, from more of these women, their stories about courage.  I think I may even be feeling courage building within my own heart.  

It is time for me to rest my weary bones now, but I will be thinking about what courage means to me and what I find encouraging.   It’s a worthwhile thing to explore.  I can get so caught up with life’s busy-ness that I don’t take time to ponder.   When I get my own thoughts sorted, I’ll challenge my kids to do the same.  Wouldn’t this make a great family dinner converstation?   

The Kaleidoscope, by Dawn at My Home Sweet Home, takes a colorful approach to courage in the first post at (In)Courage.




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2 responses to ““(In) Courage”

  1. Thanks so much for stopping by (in)courage and linking up!

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