My little entrepreneurs…

Claire's Bear and Lemonade Stand 007All summer, these little entrepreneurs have been asking to have a lemonade stand.  Finally, I said yes today.  They were so proud and now they think they are so rich.  The tall man they call Dad, is a finance guy and plans to teach them all about making their money “work for them” and not just being “hard working consumers”.   We’ll see how that goes.  Robert Kyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, would be proud of these two.  

The other event that was taking place at our little house on the corner this morning was a garage sale.  The tall man and I promised each other after the last garage sale we had, and the one before that, that we would never do this again!  We made a pact.  We even agreed that if one of us were to lose our senses and start entertaining thoughts of such craziness,  that the other one would step in a bring them to their right mind. 

I tried!  I couldn’t do anything to stop it.  I helped only by making the garage sale signs and then I let him at it!  We will stay married because I didn’t stay up all night trying to make the garage look like a boutique…I’m a perfectionist.  I didn’t go near the garage.  I did watch shoppers through the front window panes, which, I admit, was interesting.  We did make some extra cash to help set up our firstborn in his new college apartment in a Texas town way too far from our own.  But that’s not the point, is it?  All in all, I guess it turned out to be an OK morning.  Claire's Bear and Lemonade Stand 006 











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2 responses to “My little entrepreneurs…

  1. Your two little ones are too precious…I would buy from them, you can bet on that! And I’m with you on the garage thing…never again!

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