Meet Claire Bear, Claire Bear’s bear

Claire's Bear and Lemonade Stand 001  This is the first thing I saw this morning when I came out of my room.  The door to the big girls’ bedroom and the door to our bedroom are at opposite ends of a long hallway, facing each other.  When I opened my door this morning,  Claire Bear the bear, was watching me from her usual spot on my daughter’s bed in the morning sun.  I wish I could have captured her as I saw her, but she was just too small to be photographed from the end of that endless hallway. 

Claire Bear has been with our family for many years.  I found her at First Monday Trade Days in Canton,  Texas.   I loved her, she was precious, but it was her name tag that made me buy her.   Our own little strawberry blond Claire Bear was a small girl at the time, and when I brought home her sweet new bear with the same name, they bonded instantly.  She is sixteen, now, and her lifelong friend still has a place of honor on her bed.

 My Claire Bear was gone early this morning, with her sister, to help out a friend.  Her bed was made, room neat, sun shining in.  The stuff that makes a mother’s heart soar…maybe even swell with pride.  But God is always faithful to keep me humble!   When I went in to admire my little Claire Bear’s Claire Bear all perched on the neat bed, I was met with the other half of the room…the side that belongs to my other big girl!  Aackk!  There is a reason that she has the side that you can’t see from the hallway! 

There is no doubt about it.  These sights will be gone from our home in the blink of an eye.  And I will miss them both!

Tess' room 002

Claire's Bear and Lemonade Stand 005


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