My little barista

Lamb visit...Claires camera 057

My firstborn will be leaving again for college in two weeks.  My emotions are all mixed up.  Today is his last day of work at the market near our house.  He’s a barista, which probably has some fancy definition.  To me, it means he works in the coffee shop.  He likes his job and he’s good at it.  I’m proud of him and I think he looks cute behind the counter in his brown apron and cap.  I had to take his picture, you understand.     

He was surprisingly willing and even hammed it up a bit…for the first few shots.  My darn camera is doing some funky thing that I don’t understand and the pictures kept coming out blurry.  He was very accommodating, but I could sense that he was becoming less proud of his mom with the each passing moment.  I had to give up.  I was beginning to embarrass myself and that is where I draw the line.  The whole coffee shop was beginning to get in on it.  When the man at the bar asked if we were doing this photo shoot for an ad, I knew it was time to go.   

I wanted a picture for the memory.  I go in, more than occasionally, to get coffee and love seeing my boy there.  I can remember wondering, not so long ago, if he would ever really grow up to be a productive member of society.   I would sometimes look at his room or table manners or spelling or whatever else might me making me nuts at the moment and wonder to myself…”Will he ever get over this?  Will anyone ever marry this, this creature?  Will he ever be able to function as an adult?”   So, when I see him relating with the customers, especially the older ones, I love it.  They enjoy him very much and it intrigues me to watch their interaction.   It’s just fun to see how God has grown my boy up!   

On more than one occassion, our son has taken advantage of the opportunity to share his faith in Jesus, or encourage someone.  And he asked his dad to suggest a devotional guide to take with him to colllege.  “In spite of me, Lord”, that has been my prayer for so many year.  “In spite of me, Lord, please grow my children up to love and serve you!  In spite of my mistakes as a mom and in spite of my own major shortcomings, please grow them up to be God-fearing.”  Again, He shows His faithfulness.  Little by very little I am learning to have faith and trust Him!

As for the picture…just one…just one lousy decent picture is all I wanted…eyes open, semi-not blurry…that’s it.  I was woking under pressure here.  Now, as it goes, the picture also holds the memory of what a goof ball I was, trying to get it.  It’s not the best…he doesn’t typically go aroung snarling like that.  But it’s the one I got.


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