Faithfulness…His, not mine!

This morning, while searching my bookshelf in hopes of finding inspiration, motivation, help in studying God’s Word, I was reminded of a little song I made up when I was a new mommy.   It took me a few moments of bumbling and humming to remember all the words and the tune before belting it out.  Then a large lump formed in my throat…not a tumor… but a familiar lump I often got as a child that caused me to think my “feelings” were in my throat.   Anyway, what precious memories my little jingle brought to mind.   

It wasn’t the sweet memories of my newborn, however, that brought me to near tears.  It was the reminder of God’s faithfulness to this unfaithful child.  Me.  I believe that God took that simple, simple, oh so simple, song and saw the heart of a mother and blessed her children through it.   We sang it over and over and over and over, night after night to our babies through the years, adding the name of the child to whom we were singing.  And then it was just gone.  It was a blessing to be reminded of it’s simple truth this morning.   

 There’s been a lot of life lived since that little ditty was written out in my head so many(20 to be exact) years ago.  Our family has grown, a lot, and we are still very much together and have very much love.  Thank you, Jesus!   I needed that reminder today; that God has kept us together and that he has given us love for one another.  It’s easy for me to lose sight of that fact when my family is SO far from perfect!  It’s easy for me to get focused in on the bickering between my firstborn and his oldest sister; or the nasty tone in my middle child’s voice when she snaps at her little brother; or the nasty tone in my voice when I snap at them all!  

In spite of everything, the fact remains…there is still love.  And the lyrics to that little jingle still hold true.  God is faithful!  

I wish I could write the music that goes with these words…it would be more impressive, I’m just sure of it. Nah.   But my babies seemed to like it.  Never mind that they couldn’t tell me otherwise. 

Jesus loves you baby boy; He’ll always love you, Tanner.

Mommy loves you baby boy; she’ll always love you, Tanner.

Daddy loves you baby boy; he’ll always love you, Tanner.

Mommy loves your daddy too; she’ll always love your daddy.

Daddy loves your mommy too; he’ll always love your mommy.

We’ll always be a family; we’ll always love each other.

Jesus loves our family; he’ll always keep us together.


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