Staycation…begin the wonderful chaos


The Lambs have been here for just over 48 hours. 

Taco Villa is the first place that all former residents of our city want to go when they hit town.  So we began our visit there, at Taco Villa.   After mass confusion at the ordering counter and dern near half an hour making drinks, dipping salsa, getting forks, shifting chairs, we were finally settled.  Then we ate and ordered apple burritos and cleaned up the spilled drink and told the two 8 yr olds to quit climbing on the booth and decided it was time to go.

Since then we have made beds and meals and plans.  We’ve stayed up way too late.  The kids have worn a path up and down the block on bicycles.  The “littles”  and moms have been to the castle park twice.  The big kids have been to the movie and the mall.  The dogs have walked the kids.  We’ve watched movies and made popcorn and brownies.  We’ve been through three cases of water bottles, two and a half gallons of milk, and several pots of coffee.  The house is in constant motion. 

 The dads had lunch together yesterday at one of our favorite spots, Jazz…it was too spicy for the visitor.  This morning the moms had a mini reunion with a couple of old  friends from high school.  We met at Marketstreet for coffee and catch-up. 


Right now, we’re in a moment of recess, as our friends are at the wedding that brought them to town.  They left in a fever, all snazzed up, a few hours ago.  We snapped a few shots of them before they left.  We don’t get to see them like that very often. 


It’s too quiet around here…we’re ready for our friends to be “home”… we miss them.   They leave day after tomorrow…not a moment to waste!


It’s been good ol’ fashioned fun…chaotic at times, for sure, but wonderful! 

Be sure to see  the next post, with more details about our Staycation!


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