Summer, summer…where forth art thou?

Yes, it’s hot!  But I’m missing those oh-so-lazy days that inspire my name sake!   Iced tea on the porch with a juicy novel…you know, that sort of thing? 

It seems we’ve spent most of the summer packing and unpacking and doing laundry and being home just long enough to mess up the house and pack again. 

We did have a really great time in Colorado visiting Sissle.  (This is my nickname for my sister and it also happens to be her nickname for me.  More oft than not, we pronounce it “Cecil”, which has our offspring and most everyone else confused.)  My favorite part of our trip was the hike up to Green Mountain Falls!  Can’t wait to post pics.

But for now, I must get to the market (we really call it “the store”, but I think market sounds so much more quaint and less chore-like) to stock up for the Lamb’s…not baby sheep, but our friends, who are coming today to stay with us for four days!  Yea!

Maybe we’ll see some lazy days of summer while they’re here!  No matter what, it’ll be fun, I know that for sure. With thirteen kids ages 6-20yrs and four parents ages forty something to fifty something, what else can you expect?  Chaos, maybe?


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