Steel Magnolias

Not so full bloom!

Not so full bloom!

If you’ve ever heard a magnolia bud hit a window, then you know how they came up with the saying, “steel magnolias”.   I heard one hit, then another, and another.  Bang!  Bam! Bam!  Dear Lord, what’s happening!?   Of course any mother’s instinct at the sound of  “gun shots”  is to seek out her chickens.  That’s when I found the “little angels” in the magnolia tree behind our house, along with half the neighborhood.  It was WAR!  And my magnolia buds were the ammo!  As I rounded the corner at the back of the house, I heard a whirling sound just before the hair over my right ear swished.  If they were trying to blow my brains out with that three and half inch steel bud, they missed it by that much!   


Lonely, but still lovely.

Lonely, but still lovely.

The ground was covered with my little magnolia embryos…my poor little flowers.   The tree bloomed a couple of weeks ago.   It looks a little naked, but the few blooms that were spared are impressive as always.  They’re the size of my face and oh so white.  I would love to see the tree covered in full bloom, but I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the naked tree and remembered the steel magnolia war.


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