Black Coffee in Bed

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Lib is my mother-in-law love (she’s always introduced me as her “daughter-in-love”, I’ve grown to appreciate this).   When we stay with Lib she gives up her king sized comfort, complete with down covers and mounds of pillows,  to the Captain and me.   In the morning, she comes in with a mug of steaming hot coffeeWhat’s not to love about this?   

Well, first of all, this coffee comes while I’m still in the “drool” state of sleep.  Second, the sun is not yet even  peeking over the horizon and the coffee is black…I take my half and half  and sugar with a splash of coffee, thank you!  Now, years ago this would have annoyed me.  I wasn’t ready to wake up, I didn’t like black coffee (or any coffee at that hour) and it was an invasion of personal space…did I mention the drool? 

I still don’t care much for black coffee (unless it’s sitting beside a rich and delicious dessert).  I still prefer to get up a bit after the sun, especially on weekends.  And I would still rather not have anyone see me sleeping with my mouth open.   One thing has changed, howeverI appreciate black coffee in bed when I’m at Lib’s house.  If I actually sit up, wipe the drool, rub the eyes, wake up a bit and sip the coffee, I realize it’s not so bad.  My mother-in-love has been known to lay a robe across the foot of the bed and leave me with an invitation to join her on the deck.    Lib’s back garden is her prize and that is where we meet.  I’m met with great reward…the cool of the morning, bird song, dew.  Dew?  I love dew!  I had forgotten about dew!   Yes, I’m up when there’s still dew on the ground (sometimes), but I don’t see it.  I’m busy starting the day and the coffee, inside.  But the best part of  watching the sunrise with Lib is the company… quiet conversation with a Southern Belle who has the eyes of a child and eighty something years of  life experience.  What a lady! 

   I have learned that I do love the very early morning, but I must be honest, I have only seen a handful of sunrises.  I just don’t have the will power to get myself out there to enjoy sun-up without a little (ok…a lot of) prodding.  And black coffee in bed doesn’t hurt either!


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